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Chris Brady



Chris Brady arrived in the Dayton area in 1985.  Chris attended Richmond High School in Richmond, Indiana, and Western Kentucky University.  He showed promise in high school, running 4:24 and 9:31 for the mile and 2-mile.  His 5k best was 16:04.

Working at the Bob Schul Running Center in Huber Heights and training under the tutelage of Bob Schul for a time,  and later self-coached, Chris rapidly became one the Dayton area’s top road racers, representing shoe companies such as Nike, Reebok and Mizuno.

Chris boasts Personal Records of 4:11 for the mile, 14:34 for 5k (track), 14:42 for 5k (roads), 30:12 for 10k and 1:08:49 for ½ marathon.

Chris is remembered by other runners as having tremendous pure foot speed  with a devastating late kick.  He could run down nearly anyone in the final yards of a race.  Oddly, none of Chris’s personal records were set while winning a race, as Chris was constantly seeking faster times, and challenging himself against faster runners.  However, Chris won many top-notch Dayton area races in the 80’s and 90’s, including the Americana 5k and the Huber Heights July 4th 5k several times.

Chris also spent many years with Key Sports, helping to host innumerable running events in the Dayton area.  In addition, Chris maintained one of the U. S’s largest collections of vintage Nike running shoes from his days as a sponsored athlete.  Chris and his wife Joy now reside in Kingman Arizona where Chris enjoys running in the thinner air of Northern Arizona and Las Vegas.

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