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Inductees into the Dayton Distance Running Hall of Fame shall be individuals who have distinguished themselves in one or more of the following categories:

Induction Categories


This candidate has excelled in distance running events locally and/or regionally; nationally or internationally. Emphasis is given to those individuals who accomplished their elite performances while living in the Dayton area or who is or was known as a Dayton area runner. 


This candidate has made a significant contribution to distance running in the Dayton area and/or beyond by developing athletes under his or her watch. 



This category may include those individuals who have served as a volunteer, race director, facilitator, or has contributed in some significant way to promote and/or add value to the Dayton distance running community.

Inductees shall have qualified in one or more of the above classifications and have a well established tenure in such. Emphasis is to be given to those who have accomplished a long track record of qualifying criteria.


Individuals who have "given back" to the Dayton area distance running community over a number of years are to be considered more highly for induction than those who have not.


Nomination Guidelines

  1. Nominations must be submitted by a member of the Dayton Distance Running Hall of Fame (DDRHF) committee.

  2. Non-committee members may request a DDRHF committee member to submit a nomination for them.

  3. Nominations must be given to the hall of fame chairman by the first day of June for the current year.

  4. Once nominated, said candidate may remain on the ballot for up to four years.

  5. After four years on ballot, candidate must be resubmitted for nomination or removed from nomination list.

  6. Nominations shall be made in writing and be condensed so as not to cover more than one typed page.

  7. Name, current address, and phone number of the candidate must be included with the submitted nomination.


Voting Guidelines

  1. Voting must be completed by the first day of July for the current year.

  2. Those eligible to vote must be members of the DDRHF committee.

  3. The vote shall be by secret ballot at the committee meeting overseen by the chairman.

  4. A candidate must receive at least 70% of the votes to win acceptance.

  5. A quorum of the committee (75%) must be present and participate in the vote.

  6. A maximum number of those candidates selected shall not exceed three per year.


(Exceptions to these guidelines are made only by a unanimous vote of the DDRHF committee)

Do you have someone in mind?

Dayton has many people that have distinguished themselves in these three categories. Suggest a person you know who would be a great candidate for the Dayton Distance Running Hall of Fame to a committee member for possible nomination .
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