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Emelda Dahms


Although not a runner in the traditional sense, Emelda Dahms certainly left a substantial legacy to running in the Dayton area.  She gave her enthusiastic, voluntary support to numerous local races and events including many which raised funds for charitable causes.

She served as Race Director for the DRCC at a time when the race was transitioning to a new generation of leaders. The race owed its continuing success to Emelda’s formidable managerial skills during this critical time. When she wasn’t managing the race, Emelda could almost always be found, together with other enthusiastic race supporters, at the 15K mark of the DRCC shouting encouragement to all the runners when they needed it the most.


Emelda freely and cheerfully gave of her time and energy to help the Dayton running community in general, and the DRCC in particular. She made many friendships in the process, and everyone was greatly saddened by her untimely death in August, 2013.


Emelda Dahms was proof that one does not necessarily have to be an actual runner to leave their mark on the Dayton running community.

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