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Joe Sargent

Year Inducted: 2023


Joe has been an avid, lifelong runner, competing for Fairmont East High School (1973-1976), Wright State University (1976, 1979-1980) and the Kettering Striders (1970’s-1980’s). Joe ran under the guidance of three DDRHOF coaches … Steve Price, Neal Charske, and Bob Schul. He has been a road racer ever since and has an amazing streak of 50 consecutive years (and counting) of running the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race. Joe was also a very competitive triathlete in distances from sprint to half-Ironman during the mid 1980’s to the early 1990’s.



For nearly 30 years, Joe owned and operated a running specialty store, Endurance Sports, in the Dayton area. During that time, he served the growing running community with shoes, gear and knowledge. During the 1980s, he served on the board of the Ohio River Road Runners Club and was a writer for "Ohio Runner" magazine. Joe also promoted and sponsored numerous road races, athletes and multi-sport events through the years. Joe personally helped thousands of runners develop and sustain a passion for the sport.

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