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Ken Dahms


Ken started running cross country in in 1961 as a Sophomore at Springbrook High School in Silver Spring, Maryland.  His goal was to get into shape for basketball season.  He quickly found success at distance running by placing second in the State that fall and winning the 1962 Maryland state cross-country championship individual title one year later as a high school Junior. He concluded his Senior cross-country season as Maryland’s Montgomery County Champion.  In 2015, Ken was inducted in Springbrook High School’s Athletic Hall of Fame.


After a 14-year hiatus from running, which included 4-years of undergraduate studies at Oklahoma State University, 3-years earning a law degree at Harvard Law School and a 2-year hitch in the U.S. Army, Ken took up running again in 1978.  He soon returned to competitive racing form after losing 40-pounds and qualifying for the Boston Marathon within a year’s time.  His racing career lasted for 15 consecutive years as one of the top age -group road racers from the Dayton area.  Greatly enjoying the competition as well as the camaraderie of his running companions, Ken excelled at numerous local and national events, which included 20 marathon finishes.


Although Ken enjoyed successful age-group results in many local and regional events, the marathon become his favorite racing distance, mainly due to superb performances at Boston. Most noteworthy are his Personal Best time of 2:28:14, set at the age of thirty-seven in the 1983 Boston Marathon and finishing among the top-100 Boston Marathoners in 1985 at the age of thirty-nine.


Ken gave back to the sport by helping out at local Dayton races.  He was co-director of the Cystic Fibrosis 10K for a number of years.  Ken served as race course director of the Dayton River Corridor Classic for several years. This challenging effort proved to be essential to the success of the DRCC Half-Marathon as the race course would change just about every year due to construction on the river bikeway and/or Dayton streets.  By also serving as Master of Ceremonies at the awards ceremony, Ken enjoyed seeing Dayton River Corridor runners being acknowledged for their efforts.

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