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Stephanie Owens



Stephanie Owens has been a member of the ORRRC since 1983 when she began her running career.  Her runs around the neighborhood soon developed into running 5K races and ultimately ended with ultra marathons and triathlons. Her most prized accomplishment is the completion of four JFK 50 mile runs in Maryland.  Her best time was 9 hrs. 36 mins. which enabled her to finish in daylight. 


Stephanie served on the ORRRC Board of Trustees in the early 90’s and witnessed the growth of the ORRRC and the addition of many exciting events including the Splash & Dash, Bud Light Caesar Creek Triathlons, the Christmas Gift Exchange Run and others.


She fondly remembers the years that she and her husband, Wendell, loaded their van with their 5 children and all of the race paraphernalia and headed off to set up for the many races the ORRRC sponsored.  Set up of the start/finish line, hand scoring the events and take down of the finish line became a family routine and along the way, many, many friendships were forged through her time with the ORRRC.

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