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Harry Bradbury



Harry L. Bradbury and Larry Smith were inducted into the Dayton Distance Running Hall of Fame in 1989 as a running team. 


Harry Bradbury was the Physical Director at the Downtown YMCA from 1954-1986 except for fours at the Louisville YMCA from 1958-1962. When the YMCA put in their indoor running track in 1970, Harry became acquainted with Larry Smith, a blind member, who found running to be a great way to get exercise. Members would invite him to run with them holding onto a belt with a handle.


Harry began to run with Larry in many of the running events around the area including most of the River Corridor Half Marathons. They have also ran in three marathons including the 100th Boston Marathon.


Known as the Larry and Harry running team, their accomplishments were recognized as worthy for inclusion in the Dayton Distance Running Hall of Fame in 1989.

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