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Larry Smith

Year Inducted: 1989



Harry L. Bradbury and Larry Smith were inducted into the Dayton Distance Running Hall of Fame in 1989 as a running team.


Larry has been blind since birth. When the YMCA put in a running track, Ohio River Road Runners club members would invite Larry to run with them holding onto a belt with a handle. Larry really enjoyed it and would run in any of the 5K's and 10K's that someone would agree to run with him. When the River Corridor bikeway was built and the 1/2 marathon began, Shunji Hashimoto and Jim Thoma ran with him and completed the event averaging a little better than six and a half minutes per mile. 


Harry Bradbury, Physical DIrector of the Downtown Y, then took up the challenge and they became the Larry and Harry team in many of the local runs and competed in three marathons including the 100th Boston Marathon.


In addition to runs with the belt, Larry has kept track of how far he has run on his treadmill, and all together, he has logged over 73,000 miles, and equivalent of three times around the world.

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